Welcome to TAPSTER, a Swedish contactless accessory brand, made to make your life just a little bit easier. We like to modestly call it: the future of payments. We collaborate with Fidesmo Pay to make it possible to connect a payment card to your Tapster accessory. KBC Brussels provides debit cards with support for Fidesmo Pay and these cards can be connected to your TAPSTER.

 *Please note that the payment rings are not yet available for KBC and CBC bank customers* 

How it works

1. Choose your Tapster:

Find your preferred Tapster accessory on the site and pay for it.

2. Register your KBC Brussels Debit Card:

After your purchase, link your KBC Brussels Debit Card to your Tapster to enable contactless payments with Bancontact and Maestro.

Please note that your Tapster accessory cannot be shipped until your debit card registration has been completed.

3. Activate your Tapster:

After you receive your Tapster accessory, you must activate it first by following the enclosed instructions.

4. Your Tapster is ready to tap and pay!

Everywhere you see the contactless logo and the logo of Bancontact or Maestro you can pay with your Tapster.

In Belgium you can pay up to € 50 without a PIN code. For amounts above € 50 you must enter your pincode.