TAPSTER Ceramic Rings

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Size chart

Don't know your ring size?

Minimize the trouble of ordering the wrong ring size. Please follow the instructions below carefully. If you still feel uncertain, it's better if you choose the "I don't know my ring size" option under product size. We will then send you a ring measurement tool, for testing at home. 

1. Measure your finger

One of the easiest ways to know your ring size is to measure your finger with a string or strip of paper.

  1. Start by cutting out a strip of paper that is approximately 0,5 cm wide and 10 cm long. Wrap the paper around the base of the intended finger. Make sure to pull it really tight, since the base of the finger normally is very flexible.
  2. Make a mark where the paper overlaps with a pen. The length of the paper you measured in millimeters is the perimeter of your finger.
  3. After finding this measurement, use our conversion chart to find the corresponding ring size. If you have made the measurement technique above and end up between two sizes we recommend going for the smaller size.  

If the size of your finger below the knuckle drastically differs in size from the knuckle itself, measure your knuckle as well and choose a size that falls more in the middle of these two measurements.



2. Measure a ring you already have

If you have a ring that already fits your finger well, you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of this ring. Just take your ruler and measure straight across the inside of the ring from edge to edge. Take the diameter measurement in millimeters, and then use our measurement-conversion chart to find your ring size. 



Ring Size
Inner Perimeter (mm)

Inside diameter (mm)


51.8 - 54.2



54.3 - 56.4



56.5 - 59.7



59.7 - 62.1



62.2 - 64.3



64.4 - 67.1



67.2 - 69.6



69.7 - 72.1



72.2 - 74.6



74.7 - mm


Unleash Your Style with Ceramic Elegance: Available in Graphite, Onyx, and Ivory. 

The ceramic Payment Rings provide seamless and secure contactless payments. They are meticulously crafted with exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring a comfortable fit. Elevate your payment experience with our stylish and functional designs. Join the contactless payment community and experience the fusion of style and technology. Choose your favorite ceramic style and embrace convenience, security, and modern elegance.

The Payment Ring is:

  • Scratch resistant
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Requires no battery or internet connection
  • Certified by VISA and MASTERCARD.

Don't know your ring size? Order our free sizing kit! By choosing the size option "I don't know my ring size" you order a sizing kit and pay in advance for the payment ring. When you have figured out your size with the sizing kit you make a new order with correct size option. With the sizing kit you'll receive 100% off discount code that you need to use during checkout.

Our wearables support cards that have contactless enabled. To see if your bank is supported, check out SUPPORTED BANKS.

1. Purchase your TAPSTER wearable and click on "Connect your card" after the check out is completed.

2. Activate your TAPSTER with the QR code included in the package with your wearable.

What is CURVE?

If you don’t have a card from any of the banks we are working with, we strongly recommend our partner CURVE (www.curve.com).

Through the CURVE app, you can order a free virtual payment card, which can be connected to our wearables. You then connect your existing payment card/cards to your virtual CURVE card. All payments are then deducted from the card you linked to CURVE. If you have multiple cards connected to the CURVE card you can choose which card you want to use for specific payments. 



1. Go to www.curve.com/tapster and download the app, available for iOS and Android.

2.  Create an account. It’s free and only takes a minute to sign up.

3. Choose your preferred CURVE card. The basic card has a one time fee of €5, which will be deducted once you start using the card. 

4. In the CURVE app, click Account, then Card Details. 

5. Use the Card details from above, to connect to the Tapster wearable, after checkout. 

6. Once you have received your wearable you activate it and you are ready to go!

* If you are a new Curve customer who has not recived your physical Curve card yet, please don't activate that card, before you have activated your TAPSTER. If you already have activated the physical card, please contact Curves customer support and they will help you.

We usually try to ship the same day you placed your order! But before we can ship your wearable you need to connect it to your payment card. This is done after payment in the checkout.

We offer free shipping within EU, Norway and UK.

Sweden: 1-3 business days.

EU, NO & UK: 3-5 business days.


The ceramic payment rings are our most durable rings. Made out of ceramic they are scratch resistant, heat resistant and fully waterproof. They come in a variety of colour, ranging from graphite to a glossy blue. These rings are capable of following you anywhere you go, to the beach or even the sauna.

How does it work?

Our contactless wearables are made in durable materials with integrated NFC chip and antenna. Our technology does not require internet connection or batteries. The wearables are water resistant and can be used for payments, car keys and digital business cards.


Set up is simple using our app. Just register, scan your wearable and start paying. In the app you can add and manage your payment methods.


Tap so that the surface area of the ring is facing the terminal. Slapping and stroking the terminal will lead to you not paying smoothly.


The ring fits perfectly and the delivery was fast!

Henrik K.

Very cool ring - I love it. Setup was very easy and worked immediately. Great customer support as well!

Torsten H.

Best Customer Care I ever experienced. Super happy!

Anna M.