Paying with TAPSTER´s wearables work just like a contactless card payment. The payment chip is inside the wearable, may it be a TAPSTER payment ring, watch or keyring. The wearables does not require battery or internet connection. Your purchases are withdrawn from the card that you have connected to your TAPSTER wearable. We offer free shipping within the EU and Norway. 

Follow these steps to get started:   

1. Make sure you have a payment card that supports TAPSTER

2. Find your preferred TAPSTER wearable

3. Connect your payment card of choice after the check out is completed, by clicking Connect Fidesmo Pay 

4. Activate the contactless payments on your TAPSTER wearable once you receive it in the mail

5. Tap and pay!

Good to know!

When you connect your payment card to TAPSTER, a reference is created with a different card number. This means that if you lose your TAPSTER, you only have to block your TAPSTER from making payments, and not your physical payment card.