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If you have ordered your TAPSTER online and already filled in your card details, please scroll down to ACTIVATE. If you have received the TAPSTER without filling in your card details, please follow the steps below.

1) In the TAPSTER app, after registration, click Add Wearable in the footer.

2) Place your TAPSTER on a stable foundation and place your smartphone, with the NFC reader on top of it.

3) Fill in your email (same email as used when registering in the app).

4) Fill in your card details, click next and follow the process. Make sure to have your phone and TAPSTER steady and be patient (the process can take up to 60 seconds).

*If the above would not work. Please restart the app and try again.


1) Open the TAPSTER app and click Add Wearable in the footer

2) Hold or place your TAPSTER towards the smartphones NFC reader

3) Fill in you email (It is important to use the same email you used when you registered)

4) Choose your preferred method of activation. (For Nordea customers, see Nordea Activation below)

5) After the activation is done you can click on the wearable in the app. If the card is activated it should be listed below the wearable with status: active. You should also have received an confirmation email from our partner Fidesmo

6) To manage your TAPSTER click button below


1) Log in to your Nordea mobile bank app/Nordea Wallet (Nor) and click on the card you have connected to the TAPSTER wearable

2) Click settings in the menu and choose manage wearables

3) Confirm the TAPSTER wearable

4) Your TAPSTER is ready to be used

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