About curve

What is CURVE?

If you don’t have a card from any of the banks we are working with, we strongly recommend our partner CURVE (www.curve.com).

Through the CURVE app, you can order a free virtual payment card, which can be connected to our wearables. You then connect your existing payment card/cards to your virtual CURVE card. All payments are then deducted from the card you linked to CURVE. If you have multiple cards connected to the CURVE card you can choose which card you want to use for specific payments. 



1. Go to www.curve.com/tapster and download the app, available for iOS and Android.

2.  Create an account. It’s free and only takes a minute to sign up.

3. Choose your preferred CURVE card. The basic card has a one time fee of €5, which will be deducted once you start using the card. 

4. In the CURVE app, click Account, then Card Details. 

5. Use the Card details from above, to connect to the Tapster wearable, after checkout. 

6. Once you have received your wearable you activate it and you are ready to go!

* Please don't activate your physical CURVE card, which will be sent home, before you have activated your TAPSTER.