I need help with my wearable! How do I contact you?

Don't worry! Just send a mail to support@gotapster.com and we will help you!

My TAPSTER wearable is lost or stolen, what do I do now?

You need to block your TAPSTER wearable from making payments if it's lost or stolen. You can use the Fidesmo iPhone app, Android app or Self Service Portal to remove a payment card from your TAPSTER. Some banks also allow you to use their apps and website to do the same. 

You can always call your bank and they will help you to block your TAPSTER.

Do I need to use my PIN when I pay with my TAPSTER wearable?

Your bank decides at what amount you need to enter your PIN, regardless if you pay with your physical card or your TAPSTER wearable. Your PIN is required for larger purchases, but sometimes also for smaller purchases. You use the same PIN for your TAPSTER as for your physical card. The contactless payment limits vary from country to country.

Can I pay with my TAPSTER wearable all over the world?

Yes, as long as the payment terminal supports contactless payments. Wherever you are able to tap and pay with your physical payment card, you are able to tap and pay with your TAPSTER wearable.

How many payment cards can I connect to my TAPSTER wearable

Initially it’s possible to connect one payment card at a time to your TAPSTER wearable. So choose the payment card you use the most! 

Can I connect any payment card to my TAPSTER wearable?

If your payment card can be connected to your TAPSTER wearable or not depends on your card issuer. If your card issuer has activated Fidesmo Pay, then your payment card can be connected. See this page for all the supported payment cards and banks.

How can I check my recent transactions made with TAPSTER wearable?

The transactions you make with TAPSTER wearable are shown just as your physical card transactions on your account statement.

How do I remove a payment card from my TAPSTER wearable

You can easily remove your payment card through the Fidesmo app or in the Self Service Portal. Some banks also allow you to use their apps and website to do the same. 


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