I would love to order a wearable from TAPSTER, how do I do that? 

It's easy! Do you prefer one of our payment rings? Or maybe one of the key rings or watch straps with payment functionality? Choose the wearable you prefer and make sure you have a VISA or MASTERCARD from one of the many banks we are collaborating with. After checkout, you will be asked to connect your card to your wearable  (it's really easy, smooth and secure). When this is done we will ship your wearable to you, free of charge within EU, UK and Norway. When you have received your wearable you activate it with the QR code included in the package! 

I want one of your payment rings! But I don´t know my ringsize?  

No problem! Just pick The Payment Ring - I don´t know my ring size. We will then send a TAPSTER ring sizer along with a discount code for a payment ring to you. When you have measured your finger you just place a new order, free of charge, with your discount code. Easy as that! 


I have ordered a wearable from you, but it has not been delivered?

We usually try to ship the same day you placed your order! But before we can ship your wearable you need to connect it to your payment card. This is done after payment in the checkout. Not sure you connected your card? Don´t hesitate to contact us at support@gotapster.com

What is the transport cost?

We offer free delivery within EU, UK and Norway. 


Is it safe to pay with a wearable from TAPSTER?

Yes! When you connect a payment card to your wearable a reference of the card is created, the reference has a different card number. This card number can only be used on your wearable, not online or anywhere else, which means that your wearable is protected against skimming. Even if the card number would leak on the internet it cannot be used. The token card number is also cryptographically connected to your specific wearable and therefore cannot be used on any other wearable.

My TAPSTER wearable is lost or stolen, what do I do now?

You need to block your TAPSTER wearable from making payments if it's lost or stolen. You can use the Fidesmo iPhone app, Android app or Self Service Portal to remove a payment card from your TAPSTER. Some banks also allow you to use their apps and website to do the same. 

You can always call your bank and they will help you to block your TAPSTER.

Do I need to use my PIN when I pay with my TAPSTER wearable?

Your bank decides at what amount you need to enter your PIN, regardless if you pay with your physical card or your TAPSTER wearable. Your PIN is required for larger purchases, but sometimes also for smaller purchases. You use the same PIN for your TAPSTER as for your physical card. The contactless payment limits vary from country to country.

Can I pay with my TAPSTER wearable all over the world?

Yes, as long as the payment terminal supports contactless payments. Wherever you are able to tap and pay with your physical payment card, you are able to tap and pay with your TAPSTER wearable.


Do I need to be careful using my TAPSTER ring?

Even though the ring is made of high-quality ceramic, water- and scratch-resistant you need to be careful with it. Therefore we strongly recommend you to take off the ring when doing hard manual labour, like lifting furniture, body building or chopping wood. If the ring breaks during any of these activities or similar, it is not covered by the warranty.

Do I need to be careful using my TAPSTER watch straps?

You can use your TAPSTER watch straps as any normal watch strap. However, please be careful and do not over bend the part of the strap that contains the actual NFC chip as that might damage it. It the strap breaks doing this, it is not covered by the warranty.


What happens when my payment card expires? 

Don't worry! The card details of your new payment card will automatically be transfered to your wearable from TAPSTER. You don't have to do anything! 

What is CURVE and how does it work?

If you don’t have a card from any of the banks we are working with, we suggest you have a look at our partner Curve (www.curve.com). With Curve you can easily connect any of your cards to our wearables. Through CURVE's app, you can order a virtual payment card free of charge, just go to www.curve.com/tapster. You then connect your payment cards to your virtual CURVE card. All payments are then deducted from the card you linked to CURVE. This means that even if you do not have a payment card from one of the banks we are partners with, you can still order a wearable from TAPSTER!

* Download the Curve app, available for iOS and Android, and create an account. It´s free and only takes a minute to sign up.

* In the app you then add the card you´d like to connect Curve and to your wearable. It´s a safe and easy process. In a few days you will also get a physical Curve card sent to you.

* Please don't activate your physical Curve card before you have activated your TAPSTER.

* You can connect your card to TAPSTER straight away by connecting your virtual Curve card. Just click “account” and then “card details”. Here you will find the card details you submit to us after you have paid for your wearable in the checkout.

* Once you have received your wearable you activate it and you are ready to go!

I´ve changed PIN code on my payment card - what happens now?
Nothing! You will automatically have the same PIN code on your wearable as you have on your payment card.
How many payment cards can I connect to my TAPSTER wearable

Initially it’s possible to connect one payment card at a time to your TAPSTER wearable. So choose the payment card you use the most! 

Can I connect any payment card to my TAPSTER wearable?

If your payment card can be connected to your TAPSTER wearable or not depends on your card issuer. If your card issuer has activated Fidesmo Pay, then your payment card can be connected. See this page for all the supported payment cards and banks.

How can I check my recent transactions made with TAPSTER wearable?

The transactions you make with your TAPSTER wearable are shown just as your physical card transactions on your account statement.

How do I remove a payment card from my TAPSTER wearable

You can easily remove your payment card through the Fidesmo app or in the Self Service Portal. Some banks also allow you to use their apps and website to do the same. 


Inside the box, you will find a registration guide.

  1. First, enter your car and access the Car menu on the screen.
  2. Navigate to the Locks section and tap the plus button to add a new key.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the new key.
How to Use Tapster Car Key
To lock or unlock your car, simply tap the wearable against the B-pillar NFC reader.
If the car doesn't unlock immediately, it may have entered power-saving mode. In this case, a quick tug on the door handle will wake it up, and the wearable will be easily read again.
Checking the Status of Tapster Car Key on Your Car
To check if the wearable is connected to your car, follow these steps:
  1. Enter your car and access the Car menu on the screen.
  2. Navigate to the Locks section.
  3. If your wearable is present in the list of Keys and the service is installed, your wearable is ready to be used as a key for your car.
Deactivating the Tapster Car Key
To remove the Tapster car key connection, follow these steps:
  1. Enter your car and open the Car menu on the screen.
  2. Navigate to the Locks section and press the remove button for the key that you want to remove.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the key.



I have a question or need help with my wearable! How do I contact you?

Don't worry! Just send a mail to support@gotapster.com and we will help you as soon as we can! Our telephone support is open between 9 am - 11 am  (CET), Monday to Friday. You can reach us at +46 72 031 6528.