All your cards in one ring

All your cards in one ring


After the launch of the TAPSTER payment ring in 2021, the ring has become hugely popular. However, due to limitations of integrated banks, TAPSTER has only been available on certain markets and could only be connected with one card at a time. With the Curve integration the Payment ring and other TAPSTER accessories can now be bought globally and the user can choose, before or after, which card should be debited when paying with the ring. 

TAPSTER launched its first collection of wearables during the pandemic when the need for contactless wearables grew globally. Since then they have developed all sorts of accessories with the idea of replacing the wallet. The launch of the Payment ring in 2021 was a big game changer. With the integrated NFC technology the ring has no need of batteries or internet connection and it offers a more secure payment solution than the traditional debit or credit card. Now all TAPSTERs products can be connected with a Curve card which enables customers to connect one card and then before or after make a choice on which card each payment should be connected to. 

”We are super happy to announce this collaboration since it enables us to serve a much broader range of customers and it moves us closer to the mission of replacing the wallet. Through the Curve integration or customers can now have multiple cards connected to one ring”, says Tobias Ericsson, CEO & Co founder of TAPSTER.

"We're delighted to offer Curve customers the flexibility to pay with TAPSTER devices. Tapster’s unique use of sustainably conscious materials really stands out in the space.”, says Nancy Yaffa, VP of Business Development at Curve.

Curve is a UK based Fintech that has developed a banking platform that consolidates cards and accounts into one smart card and app. Curve has over 4 million customers worldwide.



1) Download the Curve app, available for iOS and Android. It´s free, you will get a €4,99 refund after you have made your first purchase, and only takes a minute to sign up, just go to

2) Create an account. 

3) In the app you then add the card you´d like to connect Curve and to your wearable. It´s a safe and easy process. In a few days you will also get a physical Curve card sent to you.

* Please don't activate your physical Curve card before you have activated your TAPSTER.

4) You can connect your card to TAPSTER straight away by connecting your virtual Curve card. Just click “account” and then “card details”. Here you will find the card details, this is the card number you submit to us after you have paid for your wearable in the checkout.

5) Once you have received your wearable you activate it and you are ready to go!


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