As of December 13th, Tapster, the popular wearable payment accessory brand, has announced a new feature that allows users to use their Tapster ring as a key for their Tesla vehicles. This means that Tapster users can now unlock and start their Teslas simply by tapping their ring, without the need for a physical key. To begin with this service will only work with Tesla models S/X from 2021 and onwards and Model 3/Y.

This new feature is a significant convenience for Tapster users who own a Tesla. No longer will they have to carry around a bulky key fob or worry about losing their keys. Instead, they can use their Tapster ring to easily unlock and start their car.

To use this new feature, Tapster users simply need to purchase a Tapster ring with the car key feature, then follow the instructions included with your ring to activate it on your Tesla.

Get your Tapster Car key below! 



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