Delivery time

Please allow the following times for delivery:

Europe:  2-5 working days

Outside of Europe:   2-5 working days

Shipping is free of charge within the EU and Norway. Shipping is done by Postnord and we deliver with Postnord Varubrev directly to your mailbox. In some cases it might be delivered to your closest PostNord pickup point due to the size of the package.

If the product you've ordered is out of stock or you're requesting a delivery to a remote location, delivery times can take longer.

We work with the following shipping partners:

Europe - PostNord

Sweden - PostNord

All other eligible countries - PostNord

We offer full tracking services with all our products.

Please contact our customer services at support@gotapster.com if you have an inquiry on the status of your order. We make reservations for the liability of delays or failed deliveries caused by our suppliers. We also make reservations to adjust prices as presented on GoTapster.COM caused by wrong pricing, technical errors, etc.

Delivery charges


We currently offer free shipping within the EU and Norway. Goods are shipped from our warehouses in Sweden. Prices include VAT when ordering to countries inside the EU. Orders to countries outside the EU may be subject to shipping cost, VAT, import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once your package reaches your country. GoTapster.com ships your package according to Incoterm Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU). This means that we do not collect VAT, duties and/or taxes on orders to countries outside the EU and we cannot predict what your particular charges may be. If any such additional charges occur they must be rendered in order for your package to clear customs. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

The customer is responsible for any return shipments due to cancelled orders, change of products, etc. Costs might occur for shipping replacement products due to change of products for the customer. For faulty products Shipping costs are handled by Tapster.



After making a purchase on GoTapster.com, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. We recommend keeping hold of this message. If you for any reason need to contact the Tapster customer service department, you will be asked to reference this e-mail.

Payment options


TAPSTER accepts international payments through VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

IMPORTANT! To ensure your safety and comfort, we use a secure order form. No external parties will be able to access the information you provide. Read more under 'Security'.



GoTapster.com uses the latest security standard, 3D Secure. 3D Secure is an XML-based protocol that allows the authentication of cardholders of credit card companies in e-payment transactions. The 3D Secure protocol was developed by Visa to improve the security of internet payments. It is now known as 'Verified by Visa' and 'MasterCard SecureCode'. The main difference between Visa and MasterCard implementations is the method in which they generate the AAV (Accountholder Authentication Value): MasterCard uses UCAF (Universal Cardholder Authentication Field) and Visa uses CAVV (Cardholder Authentication Verification Value).

Right to cancel an order

You have the right to cancel any order placed on GoTapster.com within 14 days. You can send us an email on: info@gotapster.com and specify why you want to cancel your order. Please note that you will need to register your return within 14 days after receiving the product. To be able to register your return you will need your order number and the email address you used when placing the order. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is essential that you register your cancellation request before the cancellation period has expired.

Effects of cancellation

If you choose to cancel your order with us, we will reimburse your payments in full. Unfortunately, we do not repay the costs of delivery. You can expect your repayment to be sent through no later than 14 days from receiving your cancellation request. We will make the repayment using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. You will not incur any fees as a result of such repayment. We may withhold repayment until we have received the goods back.

You must send back the goods or return them to us no later than 14 days from the day in which the cancellation request was sent. The deadline is met if you send back the goods before the period of 14 days has expired. You will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods. You are only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.


GoTapster.com accepts the economic responsibility if products are damaged or go missing during transport. Should the product be damaged on arrival, you are required to contact our customer service team within 14 days of receiving the product. We do not accept economic responsibility for products that are damaged or go missing during the transport of returns.

Non picked up goods

If you fail to collect your order, we reserve the right to charge you for all costs that occur when handling your order and shipment back to the Tapster depot. This cost will be deducted from your initial payment of the order.

Incorrect, misplaced or duplicated orders

If a Tapster customer receives a wrong (and or duplicate) order(s), Tapster reserves the right to order all products to be sent back in their original condition. The customer is required to return the product(s) to Tapster with no exceptions. Tapster is responsible for paying for shipping charges that occur during the return process.

In the event of a product being listed for an incorrect price because of technical error or mistake by personnel of Tapster AB, we reserve the right to cancel the order. We will refund the customer payment and inform the customer of the situation.

Force Majeure

In case of Force Majeur, GoTapster.com obligations are procrastinated. The contract between you and GoTapster.com can in such cases be partially or fully terminated by yourself or by GoTapster.com. A Force Majeur is at the event of war, civil war, revolution, riot, governmental measures, strike, lockout, blockage, failure of electricity, telephone or internet service, natural disasters or similar events.

GoTapster.com will under such circumstances do all we can to solve the matter for our customers as soon and entirely as possible.

Violation of rules

GoTapster.com holds the right to cancel and refund any orders that are suspected to be fraudulent or otherwise harmful. We do this in order to secure the safety of our consumers' transactions on our website.

GoTapster.com reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for violations of these Terms and Conditions, including the right to block access to the site.

Individuals violating the restriction of password protected areas of the site may be subject to prosecution.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Contracts between consumers and GoTapster.COM shall be governed by Swedish Law. Tapster follows the recommendations of the Swedish Consumer Authority. The Swedish courts will have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute under this agreement.

The laws of you country may be different from the laws in Sweden and there may be additional legal requirements for you to use this website. You must comply with all applicable local and international laws and regulations regarding your use of our website.


All above conditions apply solely to goods purchased by individual consumers. Please contact us at support@gotapster.com for all B2B inquiries.

Tapster AB Anti-Corruption Policy

Effective Date:1st of January 2023

1. Introduction

Tapster AB is committed to conducting its business activities with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethics. We firmly believe in maintaining a corporate culture that prohibits any form of corruption, bribery, or unethical conduct. This Anti-Corruption Policy outlines our commitment to preventing corruption in all its forms and adheres to Swedish laws and international standards, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

2. Policy Statement

Tapster AB and all its employees, agents, contractors, and partners shall not engage in any form of corruption, bribery, or unethical behavior. This policy applies to all business activities and transactions conducted by or on behalf of Tapster AB, both domestically and internationally.

3. Prohibited Activitie

The following activities are strictly prohibited under this policy:

3.1. Bribery: Offering, promising, giving, receiving, or soliciting anything of value, directly or indirectly, to gain an unfair advantage or influence any business or government decision.

3.2. Facilitation Payments: Making facilitation payments or "grease payments" to expedite routine government actions or services.

3.3. Extortion and Blackmail: Participating in any form of extortion or blackmail.

3.4. Money Laundering: Concealing the origins of illegally obtained funds or using legitimate businesses to legitimize illegal funds.

3.5. Nepotism: Favoring family members or close associates in business decisions to the detriment of fair competition or merit-based decisions.

4. Responsibilities

4.1. Management: Tapster AB management is responsible for setting the tone at the top, providing guidance, and implementing measures to prevent corruption. They must ensure employees are aware of this policy and receive appropriate training.

4.2. Employees: All employees must:

  1. Read and understand this Anti-Corruption Policy.
  2. Report any suspicious or potential corrupt activities.
  3. Refuse any offers or requests for corrupt behavior.

4.3. Suppliers and Business Partners: Tapster AB expects its suppliers and business partners to adhere to similar ethical standards, and we will not engage with entities involved in corrupt activities.

5. Reporting Mechanism

If an employee or stakeholder has reason to believe that corruption or bribery is occurring within or in connection to Tapster AB, they are encouraged to report it. Reports can be made through the following channels:

  1. Directly to the employee's supervisor or manager.
  2. Through a confidential hotline or reporting platform, as established by Tapster AB.
  3. To the compliance officer or a designated responsible party.

Whistleblowers will be protected from retaliation, and reports will be handled confidentially to the extent permitted by law.

6. Consequences of Violations

Any violations of this Anti-Corruption Policy will be taken seriously and may result in disciplinary actions, including termination of employment, legal action, or severing of business relationships with partners or suppliers.

7. Training and Education

Tapster AB will provide regular training and education to employees, emphasizing the importance of this policy, its provisions, and their obligations under it.

8. Compliance and Monitoring

Tapster AB will conduct regular compliance reviews and audits to ensure the effectiveness of this policy. If any weaknesses or violations are identified, corrective action will be taken promptly.

9. Revision of the Policy

Tapster AB reserves the right to amend or update this Anti-Corruption Policy to reflect changes in laws, regulations, or business practices. All employees will be informed of any changes, and a record of previous versions will be maintained.

10. Conclusion

Tapster AB is committed to conducting its business with integrity and adherence to the highest ethical standards. This Anti-Corruption Policy is a testament to that commitment. We expect every individual associated with our organization to uphold the principles and standards outlined in this policy.